Wholesale Dog Waterproof Smart Collar Anti-Lost Artifact green

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Wholesale Dog Waterproof Smart Collar Anti-Lost Artifact
Material: ABS PC
Weight: 50g
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Main functions Support: real-time GPS/AGPS/WIFI/4G Cat 1/GSM Positioning, SOS for help, call family number phone, electronic fence warning reminder, historical track query, power saving mode.
4G band-CAT1 LTE-FDD:B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20 LTE-TDD:B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
GSM band B3/B5/B8

LTE: Maximum 10 Mbps (DL)/maximum 5 Mbps


EDGE: up to 236.8 kbps (DL)/up to 236.8 kbps (UL)

GPRS: maximum 85.6 kbps (DL)/maximum 85.6 kbps (UL)

GNSS chip GPS,GLONASS,BeiDou/Compass,Galileo,QZSS
Working environment temperature -20 ℃ – 70 ℃
Working environment humidity 20%-80%RH
SIM card Nano SIM card seat
Battery 3.7V  700mAh
Standby average current Less than 5mA (determined by connection method)
I/O interface Micro 5pin
Horn 0916 AAC
Sensor 3D G-Sensor
GPS positioning accuracy Within 10 meters
WIFI positioning accuracy Within 50 meters
Network positioning accuracy 50-200 meters (depending on network conditions)
Speed accuracy 0.1 m/s
GPS positioning time Cold start-38s(Open sky) hot start-2s(Open sky) the specific time will be affected by the environment.
Shell material Polycarbonate (PC) injection molding and spraying
4G antenna PIFA antenna
Standby time Determined by battery capacity and connection method
Operating voltage 3.5-4.2V(3.4V low power automatic shutdown)
Charging current Charge 5V 500mAh (current can be set according to different battery capacity)
GPS antenna External passive high-performance 15X15 ceramic antenna




I. Product functions


l multiple positioning modes:GPS AGPS Wifi Beidou LBS

4G band-CAT1:LTE-FDD:B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20 , LTE-TDD:B34/B38/B39/B40/B41

Support: mobile, Unicom, and telecom 4G networks


l location query: you can query the specific location of users through mobile phones or computers.

l electronic fence: use equipment as the center to delimit an area on the map, and call the police immediately when the area is out.

l historical track: query the running track of the device within three months anytime and anywhere

l SOS for help: in case of emergency, press the SOS key to send a call and message to the Guardian.

l Address Book: Add/View regulatory numbers (SOS, Dad, Mom)/Whitelist/friends (50 in total) through Guardian mobile APP

l two-way call: the address book number can communicate with the user when calling

l find the device: if the device is lost, you can find the device through the mobile APP.

l device alarm clock: set by Guardian mobile APP

l class anti-disturb mode: Set the Do Not Disturb time range through the Guardian mobile APP, and the device blocks incoming calls

l remote shutdown: The device shutdown function can be realized through the Guardian's mobile phone APP.

l remote restart: The device restart function can be realized through the Guardian's mobile phone APP.

l smart power saving: Disable/enable GPS and data Upload within the time range

l mobile client/computer service platform/GZH, multiple control methods


2. Client operation instructions


3.1 APP login

1. You need to scan the code or enter the login manually through the last six digits of the device IMEI and the default password imei number.

Function description:

2. Information: after various alarms are triggered by the device, the client receives an alarm push and can enter the information to view the content.

3. Positioning: view the location of the device in real time. The location of the device can be displayed on the map interface. The default Upload interval is 10 minutes.

When the icon is base station positioning and GPS positioning

4. Trajectory: you can check the trajectory in the past 3 months (the green route is GPS and the blue route is LBS)

5. Safety range: 3 sections of safety range can be set. The minimum radius of the fence is 100 meters. When the user moves from the fence to the outside of the fence, the corresponding name range alarm will be generated.

6. Find the device: the device is not around, send this instruction, the device will ring for easy search, press the stop key to stop ringing

8. No disturbance period: the device blocks all calls during this period.

9. Regulatory number: Device, SOS, dad, mom number can be set

10. Attendance: a prompt will be sent when entering or leaving the location or WIFI SSID set on the map within the set time period.

11. Whitelist: you can set a list of 47 phone calls that can be dialed.

Add: Press the Add Contact key

Delete: long press the contact to delete or drag and drop from right to left to delete

12. Power saving: you can choose to turn on/off GPS positioning and turn off uploading data at a specified time.

13. Remote restart: restart the device when an exception occurs.

14. Remote shutdown: remote shutdown can also be operated when the device is terminated.

15. Settings: set each item of the device.


III. Equipment related instructions


4.1 Button

1. Long Press 3 seconds to turn on, no card short press to turn off, card holding long Press 8-9 seconds to turn off

2. Standby after card holding, long Press 3 seconds SOS emergency alarm

3. Ring when the relevant phone calls call, answer at Button, short Press to hang up

4. The alarm clock can be stopped by pressing it in a short time.


4.2 equipment sos emergency alarm

Standby after card holding, long press the sos key for 3 seconds, and cycle to dial 3 regulatory numbers for one round. In the middle, if the call does not continue to dial and does not answer, the call will continue until the end of the round. At the same time, an alarm notification is sent to the APP.


4.4 two-way call

Use the Guardian mobile APP to add regulatory numbers (SOS, Dad, Mom)/Whitelist/friends (50 in total). When the relevant number of the device calls, the bell rings and button answers, short press to hang up.

















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