Wholesale Catnip Planting Cat Grass Box Yellow

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Wholesale Catnip Planting Cat Grass Box
Material: pp
Weight: 97g
Dimension: 21*9.2*4.5CM
1.Take appropriate amount of seeds, put up to 4 bags; Pour the right amount of water to soak the seeds for 1-2 hours, summer can not be foaming
2.Scoop up the bubbling seeds and put the mesh on the chassis. Add 2CM of water to the chassis. The water level should not submerge the mesh, but should touch the mesh.
3.The bubble good seeds evenly spread on the net tray, do not overlap between seeds, to avoid seeds can not get better respiration influence germination, water 2-4 times a day to keep moist
increase the number of water spraying in summer.
4.Before germination, add water to the chassis and change the water once every 2-3 days. Note: Water must not submerge the mesh and submerge the seeds, otherwise it will soak the seeds.
5.After germination, place the seeds in a sunny and airy place. Cut off the catgrass after it has grown and mix it with food or feed it directly.

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